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If you want to rest your soul as much as possible during your holiday, leave yourself to the specialists of Salutaris Spa. At Salutaris Spa, which offers a touch that will leave a mark on your soul, you will be welcomed by a specialist in your field.                                        

Original far east massage, peeling treatments, massages made with aromatic oils, personal body treatments, fin baths and indispensable turkish baths are also available for you at Salutaris Spa.

The tranquility store Salutaris Spa is ready to offer whatever you desire for skin care and massages. You just enjoy your body and soul renewed with magic touches ...                                        
Salutaris Spa & Welness Club invites you to a healthier lifestyle with healthy nutrition, regular exercise and thermal water, unique cure schedules, treatments and beauty bath sessions that will be presented to you on specialist.                                        
Turkish Bath, Solarium, Massage Rooms, Care, Sauna, Massage Bathtubs, Thermal Pool, Mud Treatment, Skin Care, Beauty Baths ...



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