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In inflammatory and non-inflammatory diseases of joints,In painful diseases due to rheumatism, in disorders of joints and ligaments and in the treatment of painful swellings in joints,

*Especially in obese men with gut disease Healing of various broken dislocations in the body, removal of subsequent aches and treatment of inactivity*In bedridden patients, arm and leg paralysis, polio, sciatica pain,

Shoulder, arm, waist, leg pain due to various disorders except rheumatic diseases or tumor inflammation Chronic back pain and gynecological diseases In cases of mental illness, extreme irritability and stres In skin diseases*In the case of hair dandruff, psoriasis and inflammatory skin diseases, Eczema and itchy skin diseases, In the mouth, in the cheek, in diseases of the throat, Skin diseases which tend to increase, Hair breaks, dandruffs and watery crusts

*In the groin and foot fungus, in the late phase of psoriasis, in the burrs of eyes, deeply crusted and damaged by microbe, In the hands, feet and feet,juicy, fluffy, itchy illnesses, soap, spray, in the elimination of allergen by petroleum products, skin cracks, If water is drink by cooling, it can be  reduce worms, tapeworms, wolves and strips, Long-term joint pain, Back, back pain,  in arms and legs numbness and swelling In foot and leg pain in obese patients, Fire diseases, foot swelling, some infertility diseases are giving positive results

Prof Dr. Tansu ARASILProf Dr. Atıf TAŞPINARRefik Saydam Hygiene Center for Environmental Health Research B.10.1 RSH 0.00.00 This is the analysis report dated 10-4 / 1102 and 13.05.1994.



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